Huawei 4K TV Box Launched Today

Posted on Dec 16 2014 - 3:34pm by Gizmo

The 4K TV Box is designed specifically for high quality video pictures. It is a perfect entertainment source for watching sport videos and also other channels.  Having its launch today, buyers will soon take a closer view of this device and review their opinions.  But many video technology experts state that 4K will definitely improve the viewers experience in many ways. It is much advanced towards web-based interactivity and brings a very high quality video format.

Huawei TV Box 4K

Huawei being an expertise company in bringing advanced technologies such as cloud computing, interactive technologies and multiscreen options, the company feels assured about its success. Chinese market is all excited to take a look at this new device and has a lot of expectations. Built with Hisilicon processors, 4K TV Box strongly supports 4K video and H.265 encoding.

Xiaomi has much to say about the Chinese consumers as they are very successful in boosting the sales and high performance of other competitors also and the win-win grade of this device is definitely expected very soon.

Comparatively, Huawei have a large group of diversified products and phones make a very large contribution to their inventory and with the perfect innovation of designing, 4K TV Box will surely hit the interest of buyers.

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