Galaxy Note 3 And Galaxy Gear Available at T-Mobile Now

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a top of the line phablet that has a beautiful 1080 pixel 5.7 inch Super AMOLED screen, runs on the new Android 4.3 operating system, and features over a full day of talk time thanks to the 3,200mAh battery!

To top it off, the chip in this bad boy is the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core that clocks in at 2300 MHz and runs on an Adreno 300 processor for improved graphics. Additionally the Galaxy Note 3 has an impressive internal memory of 32 gigs, with 3MB of ram.

One of the best features, by far, that has this new Galaxy Note 3 at the top of must have lists around the world is its compatibility with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Both the phone and the smartwatch were announced last month on September 4, 2013. And T-Mobile is going to be one of the first carriers to be able to offer these devices to their customers.

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 + Galaxy Gear

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 Price and Release Date

On the T-Mobile network, customers have several payment options. First, they can buy with no contract for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and pay a whopping $708 up front. For some consumers who are balking at that high price tag, never fear because payment options are available. There is a way to put down $199 up front, and then pay $21/month for two years. Additionally customers who qualify are allowed to pay no money down, and $29/month for two years.

Unfortunately the nifty Samsung smartwatch is not included when you buy the phone, nor is it required which is a good thing for consumers who have no need of the device. The smartwatch will run you $299.99, a hefty price for a watch, and unfortunately there are no payment options or incentives for this watch other than it is just really cool.

Release date for these prices is October 2 in stores so get yours while you can!

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